Mutant Cows Show The Corruption Of The Meat Industry

At first glance of the below video, you may think you are observing some sort of heavily morphed cow that looks more like a mythical creature than the animals we know to exist on farms and in the wild. But it’s very, very real.

These animals with bulging muscles are known as Belgian blue bullsand farmers have been selectively breeding them for years by isolating a mutated gene that promotes such a spasmatic stature.


Called “double muscling,” the mutation happens when a gene is missing that controls muscle growth. But why would anyone want to do such a thing? It’s simple, really.

With an ever-growing need to keep up with the desire for quality over quantity in today’s fast-paced society where money reigns supreme, and health and morality seem to take a backseat, the meat industry has exploited this mutation to increase profits. They grow their cows larger, and slaughter them to ensure they have more meat.

The treatment proves entirely inhumane, as the cows unnatural size makes it hard for them to live comfortably. The pregnancies are very difficult, with the animals having to have C-sections, and the calves are often born with many birth defects, including enlarged tongues, which makes it potentially impossible for them to nurse. Other issues include cardio-respiratory, bone, joint problems, and many more ailments. Many are even subject to an early death as a result of health concerns.

Vote With Your Dollars

People like to turn a blind eye to the reality of the meat industry, simply because it is painful to hear and see, but it’s a reality, and it’s important not to support it.

Do your research and don’t support farms that abuse animals with selective breeding and antibiotic treatment. Make sure your money is going to places that deserve it.