Fine of up to QR1m for smuggling oil products

DOHA: Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani yesterday issued Law No. 6 of 2016 on combating the smuggling of petroleum products and their illicit transaction. Anyone caught smuggling oil products will face a jail term of up to 10 years and a fine of up to QR1m.

Anyone caught selling, reselling, selling his oil quota or using it for another purpose will face jail term of not more than 3 years and fine not exceeding QR500,000 or either of the two.

Oil products means all products produced in a refinery by through treating hydrocarbons and related materials including diesel, gas, oil, LPG, benzene, petrol, kerosene, jet fuel, engine oil, lubricants. The law does not allow sale or resale of these products without licence, using forged documents to deal with these products using ratio allocated for specific jobs for other purpose.

The law has authorised inspectors from Qatar Petroleum with judicial powers approved by the attorney general in agreement with the Ministry of Energy and Industry to seize violation and confirm crimes to the provision of this law.

The Emir approved amendment of Article 2 and 4 of Cabinet decision No. 26 of 2003 for forming a Permanent Committee for Recruitment from representatives from Ministry of Administrative Development, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Energy and Industry, Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Ashghal, Qatar Chamber.

The law says that concerned ministries should appoint the representatives in the Permanent Committee whose Chairman and Deputy Chairman will be nominated by the Minister of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs.

Committee to decide employment of workers

The Committee will have duration of three years which will be renewed for same or more period. The Committee’s job is to decide on employment of workers and employees from abroad and renew applications for government and semi-government entities operating under the labour law.

The Committee will decide about type of professions, need and demand of workers, size of the entity and financial situation, the project and whether suitable accommodation for worker is available or not. The committee will decide the number and nationalities of the expat workers in collaboration with Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs.

The decision is effective starting from its date of issue and is to be published in the official gazette.