7 Open Sources to Find PEP Information

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While most financial institutions subscribe to a Political Exposed Person (PEP) list, there are many cases where these lists lack coverage or additional research is required.  Below is a list of seven free additional open sources to help you track down PEP information.

1. CIA World Leaders List

An online directory published by the CIA of “Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments.”  The directory is updated weekly and can serve as a great reference aid.


2. EveryPolitician.org

A project to “collect and share data about every politician in every country in the world, in a consistent, open format that anyone can use.”  Today the site has collected the data for 71,173 politicians from 233 countries.


3. CIBOD Biographies of Political Leaders (Spanish only)

Biographies on 766 political leaders from around the world.   The service aims to be “useful in the fields of education, research, consulting, journalism and politics” or for any user interested in global political leadership.


4. Rulers.org

Rulers.org contains a list of heads of state and heads of government of all countries and territories, going back to about 1700 in many cases.


5. US Diplomat List

Provided by the U.S. State Department, this publication covers foreign missions (embassies, interest sections) in the United States.  It contains the names of members of the diplomatic staffs of these missions and their spouses.


6. Central Bank of Uruguay PEP List (Spanish only)

This is a PEP list made at the request of the Central Bank of Uruguay.  The list includes approximately 1,800 people who hold or have held public functions of importance in Uruguay and abroad.


7. LittleSis.org

LittleSis.org cites itself as a “free database detailing the connections between powerful people and organizations.”  The site also offers a free visualization tool named Oligrapher.