The Seventh Annual Forum for Heads of AML/CFT Compliance Units in Arab Banks and Financial Institutions

The Seventh Annual Forum for Heads of AML / CFT Compliance Units in Arab Banks and Financial Institutions
5 – 6 October 2017 Movenpick Hotel Beirut, Lebanon

- Mr. Tarek Zahran, Special Investigation Commission, Executive Director - Head of Compliance - Lebanon.
- Ltt. General Ziad Al-Jazzar, Head of Special Criminal Investigations / Directorate General of Internal Security Forces - Lebanon.
- Judge Imad Qabalan, Attorney General of the Public Prosecution discriminatory - Lebanon.
- Mr. Chahdan E. Jebeyli, General Manager, Group head legal & Compliance, Bank Audi s.a.l- Lebanon.
- Mr. Mohamad Mansour, Senior AGM & Chief Compliance Officer, Commercial; Bank of Qatar.
- Dr. Mohammad Fheili, AGM, Jammal Trust Bank - Lebanon.
- Mr. Malek Costa, Head Of Group Compliance Division, Blom Bank Group-. Lebanon.
- Ms. Samar Baasiry, Chief Compliance Officer, Bankmed - Lebanon.
- Mrs. Karen Zabloski, Head of Compliance & Operational Risk at SGBL’s Group - Lebanon.
- Mr. Mohamed Wassim Araji, Manager, PWC - Lebanon.
- Mrs. Safa El-Ashry, Chief Compliance officer, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Egypt
- Mr. Joseph Saab, Head of Compliance Group - BLC BANK SAL - Lebanon
- Mr. David Cafferty Micheal–Director (Risk services) - Crowe Horwath - USA, UAE
- Mr. Saleh Nofal, Chief Compliance officer, Qatar National Bank - Qatar (TBC)
- Mr. Bashir El Nakib, Managing partner, Compliance Alert- Lebanon – Qatar

Main Topics:

The Development of Combating Financial Crimes management Concept and job range in banks (AML/CFT).
2. Remittance systems:
- Impact on Banks’ Level of Compliance
- Exchange houses as an alternative remittance system.
3. De-Risking & correspondent banking: Serious concerns for MENA banks.
4. The Risk of trade - Based ML.
5. Cyber security risks in banks and financial institutions
6. CRS and FATCA:
- A predicate Crime to Money Laundering
- Risk and Compliance Implications
7. International attempts to reduce the phenomenon of tax evasion and recovery of funds.
8. Transformation from cash society to a non-cash society and its implications on monitoring, combating money laundering and terrorism financing.
9. How can Banks mitigate the risks of virtual currencies (bitcoins)
10. Legislative and regulatory controls required for combatting the financing of terrorism through Internet services.
11. The Upcoming Mutual Evaluation Round for MENA Region:
- preparation and lessons learned.
12. Arab banks and Int. rules:
- know your customer in non- Swift transfers.
- Assessment of risk levels for Arab countries globally.
13. Off-site and on sight assessment of compliance - absent duty!
14. Panama Case: Challenges to verify source of wealth.
15. Efficiency of implementing BDL circular 371.

In spite of all the efforts undertaken by the regulatory authorities in various countries around the world to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism, these crimes are still globally recognized as organized crimes with cross border effect. They have become more complex due to the diversification and growth in the banking industry on one hand, and the proliferation of terrorism and the emergence of new terrorist organizations on the other. These crimes represent undoubtedly a major concern for the various judicial, regulatory and security authorities in the world. Therefore, all stakeholders are seeking to develop their working methods, their supervisory tools and the necessary legislation in order to reduce these crimes.

Based on our mission represented by the spreading of advanced banking culture, the Union of Arab Banks decided to organize this forum to convey the latest developments in combating money laundering and financing of terrorism, and determine how to overcome the challenges posed by this dangerous problem to reduce its implications and effects.


The forum brings together the AML / CFT Unit Heads in the Arab world to discuss the latest developments and debate the new challenges facing Arab banks and Financial institutions in the implementation of laws against money laundering and financing of terrorism, including the challenges of coping with economic sanctions, and the extent of the impact of these sanctions on the relationship with correspondent banks.

The forum will also discuss the role of financial intelligence units and regulatory authorities in issuing directives and guidance that help banks and financial institutions in complying and coping with the international directives concerning anti-money laundering and terrorism financing.

This forum will include lectures and panel discussions in order to allow the exchange of experiences and information, and develop a common approach and practical measures to deal with the issues of money laundering and terrorism financing.

Heads of Compliance Departments and their main assistants
Heads of Combating Financial Crimes Depts. (AML/CFT) and their main assistants
Heads of Internal Auditing Departments and their main assistants
Heads of Credit Departments and their main assistants

Participation Fees:
800$ for UAB Member 
950$ for Non – UAB Member

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