Qatar Issues New Regulations Related to Patent Annuity Fees

DOHA – The Qatari Patent Office issued an official notification stipulating that the annuity fees for patent applications filed before the issuing of the Ministerial Decision No. 410 of 2014 (till January 1, 2015) should be settled immediately. The official deadline specified by the Qatari Patent Office to settle these fees is July 31, 2015. However, the annuity fees should be paid together with the official filing fees and substantive examination fees. As for the PCT applications, the annual fees should be paid as from the date of filing the international application, and not the national phase date. In addition, the annual fees for filing patent applications under Paris Convention should be paid as from the date of filing the original application, and not the divisional application. It is worth mentioning that the applicants who are not interested in their applications anymore should pay the official filing fees and the annual fees for these applications till present. Source:

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