As the greatest chance of discovering Money Laundering or Terrorist Financing lies in the placement stage, firms need to place crucial emphasis on customer due diligence, particularly for new clients. 

Focusing on the risk-based approach, the workshop provides attendees with a thorough guide to conducting effective due diligence and meeting the regulatory requirements concerning AML and CTF. The workshop begins with an update on AML & CTF issues, GCC-specific laws and penalties as well as international best practice.  After an explanation of the factors necessary to complete a business risk analysis, participants will be given the opportunity to complete an analysis for their own firms.  Similarly, the focus on what constitutes an effective customer risk assessment will be followed by a presentation of three clients with very different risk profiles, which attendees will be invited to assess.  This will lead into a discussion on documentation requirements, using the previous three profiles in an engaging role play activity which will end with attendees building effective client files.  Finally, the workshop will consider the role customer-facing staff play in detecting suspicious activity during the onboarding process and then on an ongoing basis, with case studies to test attendees’ understanding of AML procedures.

The workshop style programme uses a variety of teaching methods including relevant case studies, illustrative examples and participant interaction to help attendees quickly grasp and internalise new knowledge.  It is highly interactive and participants will be invited to discuss illustrative examples and real-life case studies in order to gain a practical understanding of all these issues.

Who should Attend

The course will be of considerable value to Money Laundering Reporting Officers, Compliance Officers and and all staff responsible for Customer Due Diligence with at least 2 years relevant experience and who wish to cement their understanding of the topic with a sound practical grounding.

Course Details

  • AML & CTF Update
  • Offences & Penalties 
    • Exercise: compare penalties around the GCC
  • The Risk-Based Approach
  • Business Risk Analysis (BRA)
    • Exercise: construct a BRA for your firm
  • Customer Risk Assessment 
    • Exercise: assign risk ratings to three potential clients
  • Customer Due Diligence 
    • Exercise: interview a client
    • Exercise: build a new client file
  • Recognising & Reporting Suspicious Activity
    • Exercise in identifying suspicious activity 
  • Case Studies


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this session, you will:

  • Understand what is meant by the Risk-Based Approach and why it is effective
  • Be able to conduct a Business Risk Assessment and know the specific risks faced by your firm
  • Undertake practical Customer Risk Assessments 
  • Be able to conduct effective Customer Due Diligence
  • Know when to conduct enhanced or simplified due diligence
  • Be able to build an effective customer file
  • Know how to identify and report suspicious activity
Learning Outcome


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